Friday, July 11, 2008


I thought I'd start my post with this old drawing of mine that I made in 2001. The actual drawing was inked on a tracing paper and colored it under with color pencils and placed it on a painted BG to create the feel and look of an actual cel art. I later on enhanced it in photoshop.
This is my cartoon version of "Darna", a Filipino counterpart of "Wonder Woman". Darna was originally created as a comic book superhero of Mars Ravelo in the 50's . It's about a young disabled girl named "Narda" who turns into a superwoman everytime she swallows the "myterious stone" from outer space and shout her name backwards like "DARNA!".
This comicbook superhero also made it to films and played by numerous actresses in the Philippines. I hope I've done justice to her in this version I made.

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