Thursday, July 31, 2008


And of course it wouldn't be fair for my son if I don't post this portrait of him when he was 4 yrs old.


Here's a portrait I made for my daughter Isabella, she was only 6 yrs old during that time. It is a 9x12 oil on canvas.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danny Phantom

A sketch I made for a Danny Phantom title card.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Again, nothing to do but play around with my old drawing. Luna here is a "looney". Who knows what she's capable of, I also wanna find out. Maybe sometime I can do more drawings of her and experiment and explore more of her character.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Here's an old gladiator drawing that I sketched in pencil. It was supposedly for a video game that never happened. I found it in my old drawings file, played around with it in photoshop to make it more interesting to look at, and, here it is...

Friday, July 11, 2008


An old sketch I made in the spirit of halloween. This was inspired by the movie "Nosferatu". I think he is the coolest vampire ever created.


I thought I'd start my post with this old drawing of mine that I made in 2001. The actual drawing was inked on a tracing paper and colored it under with color pencils and placed it on a painted BG to create the feel and look of an actual cel art. I later on enhanced it in photoshop.
This is my cartoon version of "Darna", a Filipino counterpart of "Wonder Woman". Darna was originally created as a comic book superhero of Mars Ravelo in the 50's . It's about a young disabled girl named "Narda" who turns into a superwoman everytime she swallows the "myterious stone" from outer space and shout her name backwards like "DARNA!".
This comicbook superhero also made it to films and played by numerous actresses in the Philippines. I hope I've done justice to her in this version I made.

Finally, I have one!!

I've been visiting and looking at all kinds of blogs in the internet for quite a while and thought it's cool to have my own spot also. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work, the plan of having one remains a plan for two years. My friends and fellow artists have been pushing me to do it for a long time, and it needs for me to really be out of work to finally have the time and work on my own blog. I'll start posting my old drawings first and then the new ones later. So, here goes!